The Kip zonder kop website is the entry point for my activities on the web. There are no predefined structures, plans, designs, roadmaps, future directions, style guides or well defined ideas regarding content. In fact, there is a lack of most of the things that are usually regarded as required for a succesfull website but that shouldn't be a problem for just an entry point for my activities on the web. All this doesn't mean there will never be anything interesting or amusing to be found over here. But if so, it will be the product of coincedence or serendipity rather then careful planning or intent.

As now expected, I don't have a FAQ section, because I expect only one frequently asked question which I can answer right here. Question 1: What is "Kip zonder kop" ? Answer: The dutch translation of "Headless chicken". Ok maybe 2 questions. Question 2: Why did you choose that name for your website? Answer: read the previous paragraph.

If you want to contact me, you can use , or send me a message on